Thu, Jul 20
Release notes

What's New In FlutterFlow | July 20th, 2023

New Features For You ✨

We're back this week with a brand new community, some action upgrades, a new widget opacity property, and infinite scroll for more widgets.

Plus we're working on some big updates that we can't wait to tell you more about soon!

Loops in Actions 🔄

We now support "while" loops inside of actions. Imagine you are building a payment flow where users can raise payment requests and your app needs to keep checking the payment status. With our new While loop you can keep calling the Status API until the API responds with payment success or failure.

This powerful new feature not only saves development time, but also helps you build more powerful and robust action flows.

Infinite Scroll For More Widgets 📜

We've added infinite scroll support for PageView, GridView, and StaggeredView widgets. This new feature is easy to implement and can help you build even better user experiences.

Whether your users are flipping through a photo album with PageView, browsing products with GridView, or exploring a Pinterest-like layout with StaggeredView - infinite scroll will keep them engaged with a seamless flow of content.

Temporarily Disable Actions 🚫

We've added a new option to disable an action. This feature is a game-changer for debugging, allowing you to temporarily deactivate (or comment out) specific actions.

To use this feature, select the 3 dots icon on the action > disable action.

Widget Opacity 🪟

You can now define opacity for a widget. This new feature opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities, from transparent buttons to eye-catching overlay effects.

You can find this setting under Visibility in the right properties panel.

Perks Program 🪟

Our new FlutterFlow Perks Program offers more than $50,000 in discounts from partners like Google Cloud, Algolia, and more!

Navigate to the "Perks Program" tab in the FlutterFlow dashboard to explore the perks today!

Other Improvements 🏗️

  • You can now upload the Local File (Bytes) that you initially uploaded to Firebase.

  • Added an action to update a user's email when using Firebase or Supabase authentication.

  • Added an option for allowing the audio player to continue playing in the background.

  • You can now use the CanvasKit renderer for your web applications instead of HTML.

  • You can now add your own custom date format.

  • You can now use your keyboard arrows to move items within a vertical or horizontal list.

Please visit the  GitHub Issue Tracker for the most up to date status of all reported bugs and fixes.

New Features We're Working On 🏗️

  • Directory organization for custom code

  • Ability to set Splash Screen duration

  • Hero animations for components